Insufficiecnt user rights in vCenter for Move user despite being admin

  • 2 March 2022
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Hi all!

I’m trying to set up an ESXi environment in Nutanix Move but move complains that the user has insufficient access rights, despite the user being assigned the Admin role in vCenter (and on the user level, not on the group level).


Insufficient privileges to perform the operation: User 'Move-User' is missing required privileges for 'vcenter.domain.obfuscated': virtualmachine.config.changetracking,virtualmachine.config.editdevice,virtualmachine.guestoperations.query,virtualmachine.provisioning.diskrandomread,virtualmachine.config.annotation,virtualmachine.config.removedisk,virtualmachine.guestoperations.execute,virtualmachine.state.createsnapshot,virtualmachine.state.removesnapshot,virtualmachine.interact.deviceconnection,global.disablemethods,virtualmachine.config.advancedconfig,virtualmachine.guestoperations.modify,virtualmachine.interact.poweroff,virtualmachine.interact.poweron,virtualmachine.config.rawdevice,virtualmachine.config.settings,global.enablemethods,global.licenses,sessions.terminatesession,sessions.validatesession,virtualmachine.config.addexistingdisk


Do I have to assign these rights individually?



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I decided to send this to the Nutanix support and they verified that you have to individually assign each right to the user in vCenter, or use the built in account administrator@vpshere.local. 

Another option would be to create migration plans directly to the ESXi host and use the root account.