Filter UVMs that need an NGT upgrade

  • 27 August 2021
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Hey all,


I´m looking for a way to filter out all VMs that need an guest tools upgrade in PC.

I tried:

VMs "VM Type"="User VM" "Installed Version"="Upgrade available" List

VMs "VM Type"="User VM" "NGT Status"="Upgrade available" List


as a filter but that´s not working.


I was able the list all VMs with tools installed with this filter:

VMs "Nutanix Guest Tools"=Installed "VM Type"="User VM" List


PC Version: pc.2021.7

PE Version: LTS


Thanks in advance



Best answer by Nupur.Sakhalkar 1 September 2021, 23:06

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Unfortunately we currently don’t have search/filter option available to only display VMs which needs NGT upgrade on the cluster.  We already have a FEAT request created for this one on our end but there is no ETA currently as to when will this feature be available on Prism Central. 

In the meantime, you can:

  1. Select the option to only show VMs which has NGT installed in it
  2. Once the VM list is filtered out to only display VMs that has NGT installed on it, then sort the “Installed version” column by clicking on the “Installed version” column name to display the VMs which need NGT upgrade on top of the NGT installed VMs filtered list. 

The above workaround doesn’t exactly give only the VMs which needs NGT upgrade but it will at least simplify the task of finding such VMs. 


Hi @Nupur.Sakhalkar,


can you please share the ID of the feature request?


Thank you


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@GOK FEAT-10795 is created on our end to filter out VM list which needs NGT upgrade via Prism Central.