Windows BSOD after migration to AHV from different platforms or after P2V conversion

  • 27 November 2019
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This happens because the Windows Operating System does not have the appropriate drivers (VirtIO driver) to read the disk that has the operating system installed on it.  


In a nutshell:

1- Download both VIrtIO and Windows ISO to the image store in the cluster (you can use prism “image configuration” or prism central Explore->images->add image”)

2- Mount both VirtIO drivers and Windows ISO as CDROMs for the guest VM with problem.

3- Power on the guest VM booting from Windows ISO CDROM, you will see an option called “Troubleshoot”

4- Choose the above option and go to command prompt

5- Get the list of mounted disk drives and navigate tot eh drive where VirtIO resides

7- Load the drivers: “drvload vioscsi.inf”

8- see that drivers are mounted now “wmic logicaldisk get caption”

9- exit and reboot guest Vm

10 After you login, go ahead and install the VirtIO MSI package


For more details please see:






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You are missing the most important step, injecting the drivers with dism into the os.

dism /image:{drive_letter_from_above}:\ /add-driver /driver:vioscsi.inf