vSphere ESXi Update 3a

  • 18 November 2015
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We have a cluster of Dell XC730xd-12 and would like to update them to ESXi U3a (to match the rest of our vSphere environment).

I know Dell don't have a customised ESXi U3a iso yet, so is there any advice on how to do the upgrade such as any specific extra drivers required in the Update Manager baseline or will I be able to use the json and the vanilla VMware zip and use one-click cluster upgrade?


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3 replies

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What NOS version are you on?

If you are on, you can use the "cluster" command, at the cli, to do the incremental upgrade and have prism manage the ESX update, no JSON required.

If this is the first time you've done this, feel free to open a Dell support ticket, and escalate to Nutanix, and we can help you step through that upgrade process so it's all nice and smooth.

Cheers mate,
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: Also, note, a near term future release of NOS will put that "vanilla zip" functionality in the GUI.
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Thanks Jon.

Very new to Nutanix (about a week) so I'm trying to quickly get my head around it all.

I'll get that Dell call logged!