Unable to remove crashed host from the cluster

  • 1 February 2024
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I have a AHV host who crashed suddenly and does not want to start again 🙄.

Like he is in a test environment i tried to remove it from the cluster with ncli command.

 Host remove-start id=0005f4c2-012c-5363-0000-000000019191::6 force=true

Command failed because RF2 not permit to remove 1 of the 3 hosts cluster.

I decided to reinstall this host with Foundation with new IP’s and new host name.

Then, via Prism, i expanded the cluster with this new installed host.

A new host appears to be added in cluster, but his status stays as “NEW”…

I was hoping that by adding a new host to the cluster, I could then remove the one that crashed 🤔

Why this new host stay in status “NEW”?

Thanks for your help.


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I would involve support. 

Or, (as it is a test environment) redeploy the whole cluster ;) (That is probably the easiest, fastest method)


I thought about it

but if I could avoid it...🙄