To find the model and version of M2 drive in G7 standalone node

  • 8 September 2020
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As the title stated, I have tried to get around this by searching some docs on Portal but couldn’t find any related to. Could someone provide me any way to identify exactly the info of the M2 drives in a G7-model standalone node?


7 replies

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Hi @hienle 

Were you able to find the info you need with the help of Alona?

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Hi @Alona 

It’s is a single-node only and will be used for cluster expansion.

I will get back to you about the smartctl command result later after confirmation.

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I assume that by a standalone node you mean a single-node cluster, is that correct? If so, it’s still a cluster and the NCC will work.

To answer your last questions here is an excerpt from NX-8150-G7Chassis/Node Replacement (AHV): M.2 RAID Hypervisor Boot Drive Failure (check your model documentation to be precise)

Nutanix G7 platforms contain a riser card with two RAID 1 M.2 devices for redundancy and failover. The riser cards have different configurations and locations in the different -G7 platforms.

If you experience a single M.2 device failure, and you replace the M.2 device, Prism automatically copies the image from the good M.2 device to the new M.2 device.

In the rare event that you have two M.2 device failures, you must use Phoenix to image both M.2 devices.

A single M.2 device is the only field replaceable unit (FRU). The NX- platforms have two M.2 devices on a RAID riser card.
 You should be able to do df -h and see the “/” if it’s a md device then cat /proc/mdstat will give you physical devices that comprise that raid and you can use output of that in smartctl. 
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Hi @Alona 

I might be wrong but I meant that as the NCC command requires the cluster running so for standalone node, I am not able to run it. 

I will try running the smartctl command you provided but before that, let me confirm a little bit. In G6 model, the sda belongs to the one of 2 SSDs disk, in G7, is there any difference?

And in G7 model, 2 M2 drives are running in RAID1. I don’t know exactly they are being run by soft-RAID or hard-RAID, how can I check which partition is from M2 RAID?



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That is interesting, considering that NCC and this command, in particular, collect information and do not make any changes. Besides, it is scheduled to run daily automatically anyway. 

KB-7084 NCC Hardware Info: show_hardware_info

Would you be able to comment on the reasons agains using NCC?

You could try smartctl -a /dev/sda1 as an alternative.

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Hi @Alona 

As this is a standalone node so I don’t think I would be allowed to run the ncc command.

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Hi hienle!


ncc hardware_info show_hardware_info

 The output has a section on SATADOM:


| Bad block | 0 |
| Capacity | 64 GB |
| Device model | InnoLite SATADOM D150QV-L |
| Firmware version | 120319 |
| Power on hours | 56271 |
| Serial number | 12345006XY7800000091 |
| Used capacity | 0 GB |
| Wear level (Average PE Cycle) | 648 |

Let me know how you go.