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  • 10 May 2019
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I recently upgraded my CVMs from 16GB to 32GB. Normally I do this from the CLI but yesterday was curious to see if the command Configure CVM in Prism could handle it. The process ran forever and eventually the progress reached 83%. I came back from lunch (forgetting that I had started that process) and started on resolution of some other NCC check failures. At some point I stopped and started the cluster and it was at that moment that I thought about the CVM memory upgrade task. Prism showed it still at %83 in both Task List and Configure CVM progress bar but the VM view showed all three CVMs at 32GB. So my theory is that I jacked up the running Task List somehow??? Is there a way to "reset" the Task List to get rid of that hung task?

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@whhTAZ Sorry for this long delay responding to you.

If you are still concerned about this issue, the answer to your concern is “yes” we can forcefully terminate some queued tasks in AOS. However it requires you to open a case with our support as the KB that explains this is an internal KB. The commands needed to perform the task (if not compiled and run with care) can cause problem with AOS operations.  So please open a case with our support to resolve this issue.