Setting up cluster with no DNS and no NTP ?

  • 17 June 2016
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I'm implementing Nutanix AHV at a customer in a bunker environment. There is no internet access, and the infrastructure will have minimal to no LAN communication outside of the cluster infrastructure.

The customer expected to use IP and shot names based on hosts files instead of DNS resolution. Unfortunately, on Foundation, there is no way to setup the cluster with no DNS. And I guess NTP will be the same, but I didn't get there.

Any workaround ? Or are NTP and DNS mandatory for the cluster to work ?

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6 replies

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Just put in some junk values and nuke it afterwards, perhaps just point it at the default gateway as a "placeholder".

You can use them without it.
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That said, NTP would be nice, if it would be possible
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hello jon,
I have the same question: Can nutanix works well without DNS and NTP ?
because NCC check reports an error "FAIL: Unable to get configured fqdn for host: "
and I tried resolve ip to domainname failed in ESXI CLI. but can resolve name to ip.
the user told me they did`t allow dns reverse resolution.

But NCC reports error everytime running it.
Can I ignore this ?
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What version of NCC / AOS is that failing on? What configuration do you have?
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Hello jon,
NCC is bundled with AOS4.6.1
The user has DNS server onsite,but DNS server supports only forward lookup and deny reverse resolution. and NCC check reports it as an error.
So I`d like to confirm if I can ignore the error, and maybe mask NCC DNS check script.

also if other users even doesn`t have a DNS server, Can nutanix works ,need special configuration ?
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This configuration is fine, the health check doesn't take this case into account.

I've filed an engineering bug for this just now, internal ticket number: