Problems with PrismCentral 5.1xx and no Webinterface or Login?

  • 23 March 2020
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Sometimes it is very boring to install the PrismCentral VM on AHV after your Cluster runs but it gets buggy. So here are some tips to solve problems there

  1. Deploy a Network in your new AHV Environment first
  2. Deploy the new VM via Prism Element Homepage
  3. Often you get an error with ssl and httpd could not start!
  4. Login via ssh to ip of your fresh deployed Prism Central Server
    1. Login via nutanix / nutanix/4u
    2. sudo -i
    3. service httpd status (mostly not started)
    4. service httpd start (ignore the ssl errors in the output)
  1. Now the new PrismCentral Website should arrive after a while under https://ip-of-prismcentral
  2. Login not possible with admin / admin or admin / nutanix/4u?
  3. Login again via ssh and nutanix / nutanix/4u to prismcentral
  4. sudo -i
  5. passwd admin
  6. set your admin password and repeat it
  7. reboot
  8. wait a while
  9. login to prismcental and admin / your password 
  10. Register your cluster in prism element 

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Thank you for sharing your insights with the community:)

@alucianicould you please change the post category from question to conversation if that’s not too much trouble?