Nutanix Product Mixing Restrictions Memory, Disk, Hypervisor, Cpu.

  • 25 February 2020
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The Nutanix Support portal includes a compatibility matrix available from the Compatibility Matrix link. You can filter and display compatibility by Nutanix NX model, AOS release, hypervisor, and feature (platform/cluster intermixing). Nutanix recommends that you consult the matrix before installing or upgrading software on your cluster.

Do you want to know if you can mix different types of CPUs, memory, disks or hypervisors in your Nutanix environment? 

Start with this documents that provide the answers you might be looking for, like:

  • Hardware Restrictions: mixing different Nutanix CPU families

  • Storage  restrictions:

    • Mixing all-SSD and hybrid SSD/HDD

    • Mixing NVMe and SSD/HDD

  • Encryption restrictions

  • DIMM restrictions:

    • Mixing DIMM Types

    • Mixing different  DIMM Capacity

    • Mixing different  DIMM Manufactures

    • Mixing different DIMM speed

  • Hypervisor restrictions

You can get all the answers in this document : Product Mixing Restrictions

In case you need memory specific replacement instructions please read this :

Memory Replacement

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