Nutanix interop with existing Fiber Channel Tape library

  • 9 June 2022
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We are thinking about going with an HCI and I was looking at my list of requirements. One is that we can use our existing Fiber channel attached Tape Library. Is this a possibility with nutanix? I am seeing conflicting reports of FC not being supported, or it only being supported if I am using VMware as a hypervisor (pass through to the machine)

Can anyone shed some light on this? 

My end game is to use our existing Veeam infrastructure(in a vm hopefully, currently stand alone), connected to fiber channel to backup our environment to tape.

1 reply

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There is no straight way to connect your FC Tape library to the Nutanix, because it ethernet-based solution.

Veeam will deploy Proxy Appliance in each of your clusters, so your backup repository should be outside of it and the best way I can see - is a dedicated backup repository and standalone host with a connected Tabe Library.