Nutanix Cluster exsternal Storage NAS | iSCSI

  • 23 September 2019
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Trying to get a definative answere to what I think should be a simple question.

Can I map a iSCSI drive to a Virtual Server by attaching a iSCSI Storage array ( Server has a Drive on the nutanix cluster and a second drive mapped to the exsternal array ( NTFS partitions on the MD iSCSI array ( NO VM's running on the array ) just mapping this as a drive

Would love to get a formal response from Nutanix if this causes issues within a cluster or will there only be issues with the specific VM's the mappings are assigned to ?

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4 replies

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As the entire mapping thing is happening at guest OS level, I don't see why this shouldn't work for additional (not OS boot) disks. Bear in mind though that all iSCSI traffic will go through your cluster's shared network uplinks.

For an official evaluation, you may want to open a support ticket.
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I have already opened a ticket and that was one of the worst support responses I have recieved to date ... been doing this for 20 plus years... and I will not share the response as I think the engineer will be looking for another gig was hoping to get some feedback from this forum as it might get someone involved that has done this previously or might have this running in their enviroment.

Cant be the only one in the world ask / thinking this question ?
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Mapping of external iSCSI storage to a virtual machine will work without any doubt. I think it is also supported...

Mapping external storage to an ESXi host will work, but I think it is not supported. This is also not the question, although the picture is a little confusing about this...

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@johng  I second @badonders  comment about the issue. Mapping external iscsi storage or mounting and NFS share from outside Nutanix cluster, by a VM inside a cluster, only requires the VM networking have access to the servers. Also, mounting them from hypervisor will work, but NCC will keep complaining about non-Nutanix storage. It won’t affect anything if you an tolerate the ncc warnings.