Nutanix CE can not create image

  • 9 October 2023
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I installed the CE version, but after logging into Prism, I couldn't find the entry menu for creating an image. then I wanted to create a virtual machine, but couldn't find a way to upload iso and assign it to CDROM.

please help

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4 replies

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Click on the “Gear” icon located on the top right. You will be forwarded to the Settings screen.

From there - Image Configuration - Upload Image.


After uploading, use “Mount ISO” in the VM console:



hi mikkisse


Because there was a problem with my certificate before, I could only use IE to access https. Therefore, after clicking on the settings, the page could not be displayed normally and I did not see the functions inside

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You definitely should use a modern browser.
If you face an issue, when a chromium-based browser warns you about a prism certificate, and don’t let you continue, try to type “thisisunsafe”.



I once tried to use “thisisunsafe”, but it didn't work. Later, using the latest version of firefox, the continue button was displayed. After logging in, I regenerated the self signed certificate in the settings page and was able to access it normally using Chrome.