NOS Hardening Guide?

  • 6 October 2014
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is there a NOS Hardening Guide available?
two specific questions: is there a Firewall running on the CVM? can I install my own ssl certificate?

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Yes there is a firewall - the CentOS flavour of IPtables is running on your CVM's. As far as an official hardening guide goes I do not believe one exists, but if you fish through the discussion boards here you will find a few nuggets of wisdom. The most common recommendation is probably to isolate your CVM's from standard VM's on their own management network.

Also - you can install SSL Certificates through Prism, but if your question is specific to using SSL certs for SSH auth that may not be very helpful. I know that 2FA and key-based access is a component of Cluster Shield, but I'm uncertain if that reaches all the way to SSH.
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Thank you for the info!
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