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  • 6 October 2021
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I am new and watching all videos. I try to set up nutanix like proxmox CE with:

3 x Dell R710 Hosts (nutanix installed on usb internal drive)

1 x Dell R720 Freenas 20TB storage connected with direct Fiber 

With proxmox fiber channel setup was a nightmare, so can I use Fiber Channel here with Nutanix? 

My goal is if one of a host dies I have other VMs be ready | transferred into another host so like in VMWARE (pricy license). Let me know if I can achieve same with Nutanix and direct me towards hardware (Fiber Channel or 10GB ISCSI) whatever is easier and works well.

There was a reply but I did not have a chance to reply.

Can I use Nutanix for storage or I have to have 3rd party software like FreeNas?


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@sprintership Yes this is correct.  Each host should have its own internal storage.  Please also review the requirements for Nutanix CE here: Getting Started with Community Edition

Cool, thanks for sharing the video. HyperConverged solution - that means each host in Nutanix cluster should have its own internal storage - correct?

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@sprintership Hi …  So Nutanix is a HyperConverged solution.  You can’t utilize external storage.  The Nutanix software will take the storage that is local to your Dell hosts and create software defined storage layer with that storage.  The VMs will then utilize that storage.  The Dell hosts must be connected via ethernet with each other no need for iSCSI or FC.

Please keep watching the Nutanix videos out there.  I would also recommend starting here: 

 Which will give you a high level of HCI and Nutanix 101.