New cluster lacks default virtual switch (vs0), expected behavior?

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I just created a new cluster but there is no default virtual switch created (vs0).

Is this something expected ?




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Unfortunately any typo in the title can’t be fixed; should be:

“New cluster but no virtual switch”

Well how did you manage to connect to your cluster then ? 
did you connect to one of your CVM and run ovs-vsctl show ? 

when connected to prism  → network on the top left corner what is the name written there ? 

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Hi MNoufel,

I think there is a misunderstand on my side.  The documentation says br0 / vs0 what suggest me the name is vs0 or br0; however, some documents says that I should have at least one default vs0 but I can’t find.


And the same from cli.



What I am missing here?


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Problem fixed!


The eth1 was using an incorrect MTU value and I received an alert about that. With all using 1500 MTU everything is OK.