Network Segmentation logically questions

  • 23 October 2022
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Hello , 

I have two questions in “Network Segmentation logically”:

I have 3 nodes (ESXi) with standard switch for every node , and i need to do logically network segregation to separate MGMT from CVM traffic 

The tasks which is need to be done in vCenter is 

1- Create 2 port groups 1 for MGMT and the other for CVM traffic every one with different vlan  

Now ,

1- I need to move CVM nic0 to MGMT port group and CVM nic2 to CVM traffic port group ? or Nutanix do this step ?

2- From Nutanix configuration part , i need to add the vlan ID in “Backplane LAN Configuration Dialogue” or it is enough when i add the vlan ID in vCenter port groups?

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