Monitor Our Nutanix Environment by Solarwinds

  • 23 September 2022
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I want to monitor our Nutanix environment by Solarwinds.

Is there a neat guide on how to do this?


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This is what I found on the SolarWinds website: Set up Hardware Health monitoring for Nutanix clusters

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Yes. It is fully supported: SolarWinds

Nutanix provides a rich SNMP MIB SolarWinds NPM can use to poll data.


Nutanix refuses to grant the required permission. Apparently, we need to use a Rest API user, which I don't know how to create.

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Not sure what you mean by “grant the required permission”. You have full access to all your Nutanix components including APIs if needed.

Your Nutanix Prism console provides all kinds of health metrics related to Hardware, Storage and other components. Which specific Nutanix components are you trying to monitor in Solarwinds and which Solarwinds module are you using? NPM, SAM, VMAN ?

For example, Solarwinds VMAN is ready to monitor your Nutanix AHV environment as you can see here:

However, if you are looking to monitor Nutanix Hardware, make sure you have reviewed the requirements here:

You need to have Solarwinds SAM 2019.4 and later or VMAN 2019.4 and later and a Nutanix Cluster  licensed running AOS 5.15 or higher.

If you have Solarwinds SAM, you can use the SAM API Poller feature to test the Nutanix API from SAM.

Obviously, you will need to provide your Nutanix CVM credentials, 

If you are running ESXi on top of Nutanix, then polling data from vCenter must be configured FIRST in Solarwinds before adding the Nutanix Cluster.