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  • 28 July 2021
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I’m new to nutanix upgrade. I would need to upgrade my HPE nutanix server firmware. Yesterday I’ve perform inventory and the LCM upgraded to 2.4.2 

I checked the server firmware such as bios still remain same? Am I missing some steps?


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4 replies

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Hello @swee han,

Thank you so much for posting your question. If you have run the fresh inventory, then it should show you the available upgrade. Can you tell me which version of BIOS you are on?


Chaitrali Deshpande

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Hello @swee han , once you perform LCM inventory, this operation only looks into the current firmware and software version of various components in your Nutanix cluster and then compares it with the expected version these components should be on and based on that, it will only suggest you the upgrades (seen under the Firmware upgrades/software upgrades option in LCM dashboard). Only LCM framework version gets updated (if a new LCM version is available) whenever you perform LCM inventory. No other component will be upgraded during an LCM inventory operation.

Now, if you want to perform firmware upgrades, you will need to select the firmware upgrade option in the LCM dashboard and then select the necessary upgrades in it to perform firmware upgrade on any nodes in your cluster. Kindly refer to LCM Updates section in the LCM guide on portal for more details about performing updates via LCM in Nutanix cluster.  

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Sorry for my late reply, After vaccination I’ve been sick for a week. The current bios version is 2.32. 

I found the latest version RIM BUNDLE: HPE-LCM-1.2.

The LCM online upgrade this the firmware bundle?  

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@swee han If you are using default URL (Nutanix Portal - for LCM and not using any dark-site LCM web server, then yes after running the LCM inventory, you should see an upgrade available for SPP 2021.04.0 version which includes all the firmware upgrades mentioned in the HPE-LCM-1.2 RIM Bundle . So, you can upgrade SPP to the version suggested by LCM in order to upgrade the firmware on your nodes.