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  • 27 October 2020
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Thank you always for your help.

I'd like to update the Nutanix firmware and bios.

I'm trying to use LCM.

Finish configuring the LCM Darksite Web server.

The update list does not appear after LCM registration.


We used the latest dark site LCM and nx firmware bundle provided by Nutanix.




What's the problem?


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2 replies

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Hi there!

I believe the posts Roberteo is referring to are

How to configure a web server for LCM Dark Site on a Linux machine and

How to configure a web server for LCM Dark Site on a Windows Server


Let us know if that helps, please.

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Independant, I am. 

Recently, with the split of the LCM .tar ball(s), you are now required to place the extracted contents into specific aeras.

Might I ask you to review ?Sergio Ivanov?’s recent post identifying the desired locations for the files?

As always, Nutanix’s cadence is quick to change. 

Please review the recent documentation…

Best of luck, please feel free to reaspond back if you have further questions...