IPMI address not registering correctly on cluster after changes

  • 13 March 2022
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We have a 5 node cluster using the Lenovo HX series hardware (ThinkAgile HX3521-G).

We changed our IMPI range after the installation had completed to an out of band IP range that all our IPMI NICs sit on. I made the change in BIOS and then restarted the genesis services on each node via the node CVM.
The Genesis restart appeared to be successful.
However when I look at the nodes in the hardware section of Prism element the IPMI address is showing up as a a generic self assigned 169.254.x.x address.

What would be the best way to address this?
Im new to Nutanix so forgive me if I have missed something super obvious...




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Thanks for the update !!




Morning I had another look at this and noticed that there was no gateway declared on the separate OOB IPMI network - (its a flat vlan and we didnt think it would make a difference) as it was pingable/ reachable but I declared one anyway, restarted Genesis and now things are as they should be.

thanks for all the help…



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Hello Graham,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I would suggest to start from checking IPMI Addresses reachability from CVMs & Hosts ? 

We may need to troubleshoot reported issue. Therefore, I would recommend to open a support case with Lenovo who can in-turn can open a case with Nutanix for further assistance.

Let me know, if you have more queries.

Reference KB 1524