How Foundation works?

  • 19 February 2016
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Hello Nutanix community,

Yesterday, I tried installing a Nutanix block by Foundation PC to change the hypervisor from HyperV to AHV. But unluckily error occurred with 3 nodes per 4 nodes and one node had been successfully installed.
Although all 4 nodes had already run with the same configuration before, why this case happened?!

After 1 day troubleshooting, I had finally and luckily installed 3 nodes left by resetting IPMI on these nodes. As I already followed the Foundation document from Nutanix, "please have a look at the logs files at /data/logs/foundation... on each nodes" to get the details of problem, but actually, in my case those log files did not contain any data that related to the errors occurred?! So how could I dive deeper into the problem that I had? They were still there but no words, to sentences, no data?!

I really need a document that explains in detail how Foundation works, so that I can troubleshoot it easier than I had yesterday. Can Nutanix publicily post it?


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3 replies

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The Foundation Feild Install Guide is pretty comprehensive, and the whole idea is that this should work seemlessly.

Can you open a support case to track these issues?

Also, foundation rotates its logs, so the ones you might be looking at could be the "newest" and not contain the previous errors. There should be some log bundles in that directory that you can look at.

Either way, please open a support ticket and we'll help you out.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your reply.
In some cases, there are some blocks that have to be installed locally so that I cannot open cases or provide evidences for you to troubleshoot at all.
Besides, there are also some cases that I must do it on customer side, I do not have time to ask and open support from you.
I also read the Foundation Field Installation Guide from Nutanix portal and there is just a guide for how to install the system by Foundation step by step with GUI as well as how to "phoenix" the system manually in the worst case.
About troubleshooting experiences shared in this document, there is only a little information that I said in the first post but maybe not enough to cover all the whole errors maybe occurred while installing and the details how Foundation works are hard to find as well.
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RE Blocks Installed Locally
What are you referring to? When you install blocks at your office instead of the customer site?

RE Customer Cases
Even under the customer situation, it is always acceptable to open up a case when things are not working as expected. You can open them up under your partner account, and do not need the customer to open the ticket.

RE Logs
If you are installing things with the foundation VM on your laptop, you can always export the logs, regardless of where a block is being installed. The only time I'd expect you to have zero access to logs is at a secure site, where you might be installing on a customer laptop or maybe a customer virtual machine, and have no way to export the logs out.

RE Foundation Guide
There is a reason this guide is an operations guide, and not a troubleshooting guide. We want people opening tickets, so that we can see issues, record the issues, and make things better.

In any situation, even if you do successfully retry and make it through the issues, or do not have access to much logging, I'd *strongly encourage* you to always open up a ticket anyways, as it helps us track defects in the feild, and we can try to reproduce issues on our side, and make the product better.