HDD can be replaced with SSD

  • 1 July 2021
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We get some questions from customer. Our customer have several Nutanix units with several models including:

  • NX-1365-G4
  • NX-1365-G5
  • NX-8235-G4
  • NX-6235-G4
  • NX-8135-G4

The question is whether HDD can be replaced with SSD? What is the procedure and what about the data on the HDD? Thanks


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Generally - yes!

You should obviously replace the HDD’s with SSDs that have high capacity, so you dont run out of diskspace.

But the basic step for step guide is:

Navigate to hardware > Find the disk you want to remove > “Remove Disk” and wait for it to be completely removed. This could take many hours.

After that, replace the drive with the one you want. Nutanix should Automatically detect and start using it.