Foundation fails installation process

  • 3 March 2022
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We got three HPE DL380 Gen9 Server with the HP RAID-Controller H240ar Smart HBA 2-Port SAS 12G on which HBA is enabled.

Accordingly to Nutanix this RAID Controller is compatible and should work:

During the middle half of the installation via Foundation, we get the following error:

StandardError: This node is expected to have exactly 1 AHCI controller. But phoenix could not find any such device

After a quick search I saw this KB-Entry:

I also made sure to set the SATA Controller Options again manually and rebootet the server multiple times. Also the boot order is set accordingly to the KB-Entry. But I still get this error and phoenix isn’t able to see any AHCI controller via fdisk -l.

Do you have any ideas what else I could try?

1 reply


I’ce got excatly the same, and i am stuck as well.

Firware are from the SPP2010-05, the card is in HBA mode, disk is first in the boot order, but still no luck…

so if someone has an advice ;)