force removing a node from a cluster

  • 4 October 2016
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I have a NX1000 with 3 nodes,i try to destroy the cluster.but it fail on node C.

2016-10-03 23:17:47 WARNING Failed to reach a node where Genesis is up. Retrying... (Hit Ctrl-C to abort)

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5 replies

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This a supported asset? This is a community edition forum so if you have support on a 1k you probably want to be using official support.

A 3 node cluster is a bare min for quorum so it may be having issues completing the destroy. Why areyou trying to destroy the cluster? Are you planning to re-foundation the block?
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i work on it for a lab.i try nutanix with ESXi and i want to try it with HYPER V for that it desroy the cluster,the problem is when i stop the cluter end i lunch the distraction the node C was disconnected.
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So couldn't you just foundation the nodes to Hyper-V and not worry about destroying the cluster? You can't migrate the data it sounds like for what you are trying to do.

Just not sure why you will need to go through breaking quorum in this case?
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I moved this to the Commercial product forums from the CE forums.

As  said, why not just foundation the box?
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Simply refoundation your cluster using bare metal method