Enable RDMA on new nodes

  • 13 October 2021
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Hey everyone - we have 2 brand new nodes that need to be added to an existing cluster.  We enabled RDMA when we ran Foundation on that cluster and now need to add 2 additional nodes.  Do we run the script to choose which card to enable RDMA on before we add to the cluster?  Just looking for guidance on the correct way to ensure it is enabled on the new nodes as well.



3 replies

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@MelissaAdams If the cluster is RDMA enabled the new nodes will get added with RDMA ips assigned post adding the nodes.  If the nodes don’t support RDMA the node addition will fail.  

Once the new node is added you should see an RDMA interface under network interfaces as a validation point. 




@Michael.Manuele  so we can do a normal cluster expansion with no pre-configuration?  I found an article for an old AOS version that you can’t use the cluster expansion option in Prism if you have RDMA nodes - you need to use “add node”?  Which I’m not sure what that even means.  They are not utilizing RDMA yet, but we need to have the capability available for future.

Thanks so much for your reply!


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@MelissaAdams What versions of software are you running on the cluster?