Changing CVM passwords?

  • 1 May 2019
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Hello, I'm ssh'd into our CVMs and trying to change the default "nutanix" password using the passwd command. I'm getting the following error:

passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

Am I doing this incorrectly?

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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3 replies

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Hello@Chadd @Ranjb 

Try giving the following topic a read


Hope that helps.

I have reviewed the article 000006153 and I understand logging into one CVM will change it for all per cluster? Is this correct?Are you able to advise whether I can do this in Production hours, does it require any specific pre-reqs to be fulfilled first?Any other special considerations?I also plan to change the IPMI login at a later stage, I assume this one is non invasive as well but will need to be done by logging onto each node via the IMPI?
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Hi @Chadd

Assuming you are running AOS 5.1 and later, try using the following command: sudo passwd nutanix

For additional information on how to change CVM and other passwords, please refer to the following KB: