Change of time zone on a Nutanix cluster — come ready

  • 11 November 2019
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Suppose, it is discovered that a Nutanix cluster is configured with an incorrect time zone. While like all good things in life this requires a little planning, fear not – this can be helped!

First things first, what to expect:

  • Timestamps of Nutanix logs events will remain in the incorrect time zone until cluster services are restarted or the CMVs are rebooted.
  • Cluster services restart on a cluster with active workload may impact availability of the workload.
  • Changing the timezone for PE and PC is the same procedure, is not disruptive, but it requires a reboot of CVMs. Reboot can be performed on one CVM at a time. For a seamless experience it is recommended to evacuate VMs from the node prior to CVM reboot.
  • Verify cluster Data Resiliency health prior to restart of cluster services or CVMs. Ensure Data Resiliency comes back healthy prior to proceeding with another CVM reboot.
  • It is necessary to remove DR schedules prior to the change. Schedules can be re-created post change.
  • Command for changing the time zone is only required to be issued per cluster, not per CVM.


For nCLI command to change the time zone please refer to KB-1050 Procedure to Change Timezone.

For nCLI commands relevant to protection domain please refer to Nutanix Command-Line Interface Reference: Protection domain.

For Data Resiliency checks refer to Prism Web Console Guide: Availability Domains (also contains nCLI command).

For cluster restart process please see Acropolis Advanced Administration Guide: Cluster Management

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