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  • 17 February 2015
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One of our newly installed Nutanix blocks shows 0 VMs from the web interface. There are no user VMs on this block; wouldn't I at least see a controller VM per node (3 nodes currently so I think I should see 3 controllers VMs).

The cluster is up and all shows as healthy.

Running vSphere on these nodes and when I connnect to the nodes indiviually via vCenter, I can see the controller VM.

What am I missing?

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4 replies

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You are welcome@PatrickB.Please let us know once you add these hosts to the vCenter server and confirm that this has been taken care of.
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A ha! That would be the issue - we've deployed the block but we haven't added the ESXi hosts to vCenter yet.

Thanks for the reply!
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Hi PatrickB,Can you please confirm if these 3 ESXi hosts are already added to a vCenter Server for management?The mechanism of the Prism web console to detect a VM is actually with the use of UUID that is provided by the vCenter. If we have not added these hosts onto a vCenter server, then the vmx files of these CVMs will not have the UUID in them and hence the Prism web console does not list them.For VMware vSphere ESXi, when we run the foundation procedure, the CVM is injected into the ESXi, however the UUID is not created in the CVM's vmx file till we have these ESXi hosts attached to a vCenter server.Could you please provide us the vmx file or paste the vmx file contents here for us to understand if the missing UUID is indeed causing the issue or is there some other reason behind this behaviour.
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Hi @PatrickB

Thanks for the question, @DonnieBrasco @aakashj@chadami - anything you can add?

Thanks guys!