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  • 1 June 2019
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I'm exploring the API and noticed that for listing operations (specifically the /vms/list operation) supports providing sorting parameters. I can't find any information on the proper values for the sort_attribute key in the request. Has anyone used this and can shed some light for me?


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The only reference I've found indicates that it is "The attribute to perform sort on". I tested this using sort_atribute "vm_name" and I got a sorted list by VM name. HOWEVER when I tried sort_attributes "num_sockets", or "memory_size_mib", or "memory_size_bytes" the list returned was not sorted. I spoke with Nutanix' new API DIrector at .NEXT and he promised better documentation soon. I sure hope so.
You can specify sort attribute like below

Also you can find other detail from below API guide

Ctrl+F "sortCriteria"

Hope this clear your question