Software and Hardware compatibility

  • 25 February 2020
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Nutanix, like any other system is composed of several components including hardware, software and firmware. If a component has to communicate with another at any given moment, the connection has to be pre-integrated and supported.

How do you keep-up and understand what is compatible with what?

Easy! with our compatibility matrix.

For example, you have a Nutanix block model NX-8035-G5 and you want to know the supported AOS and Hypervisor for the chosen Model.

The matrix shows the AOS, AHV, and hypervisor compatibility for Nutanix NX and SX Series platforms and SW-Only Models qualified by Nutanix (such as Cisco UCS, Dell PowerEdge, HPE ProLiant and others listed here). For other platforms not listed here, such as Dell XC, Lenovo HX, and others, please see your vendor documentation for compatibility.

The matrix is presenting the fields in a cascading style, to show a clear components dependencies.

Also in the compatibility matrix, you can see the Nutanix Ready Solution where we show the partners and the hypervisors supported for each solution.

On the third tab of the matrix page, you have the AHV Guest OS where we show for each AOS version the OS vendor, OS Family, OS Name, OS Blts and OS type that are supported for each version.

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