Physical RAM Upgrade

  • 2 August 2021
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After reviewing the Physical RAM Upgrade, I have a question.

Nutanix AHV:
» SSH to AHV > then how do I move to the CVM level inside the shell cmd?


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@Dennis112233 If you want to SSH into the local CVM from a local AHV host, then you can use the internal CVM IP for it which is Each host and CVM are connected via an internal network for local CVM-host communication. So, for each node, internal host IP is and internal CVM IP is 

Now, if you want to SSH from AHV host (logged in as root user) to the CVM console, then you can ssh to the CVM as nutanix user using its internal IP -

[root@AHV ~]# ssh nutanix@

It will ask you to type in CVM’s nutanix user password and once you enter it, you should be inside the CVM console.