Nutanix Calm APIs

  • 10 September 2019
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We are happy to finally say the Nutanix Calm API is live! This includes the release of the Nutanix Calm API documentation on, our Developer Portal.

The possibilities that are now available along with this announcement are huge for us. It means we can do things like the following in code:
  • Integrate the control of Calm blueprints into external scripts or applications
  • Use conditionals to control when a blueprint gets launched
  • Use conditionals to control which blueprint gets launched
  • Run applications actions on demand by calling the appropriate API
It’s also true that, while APIs as an overall “thing” are definitely nothing new, the ability to automate the automation platform is a critical step in controlling infrastructure.

Check out the blog 👉 Automate Everything: Nutanix Calm API Docs Are Live! to learn more

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