Nutanix 1 - Click Upgrades - Network Ports

  • 5 December 2019
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Nutanix AOS offers simplicity in managing traditional complex infrastructure tasks. From Virtual machine management, Storage operations, replication - and of course Cluster software and hardware upgrades.

As Infrastructure admins, we are well aware of the operational pain points, when it comes to upgrading:

  1. Hypervisor Upgrades
  2. Storage OS upgrades
  3. Firmware Upgrades
  4. Management software upgrades 
  5. the list goes on…

With Nutanix One-Click upgrades, customers can upgrade software components and hardware components easily. Software and Firmware needs to be downloaded from Nutanix repositories - which is why it is important to understand what Network Ports are required to be open or can be opened on demand to check for upgrades.

Following KB from Nutanix Portal lists the required network ports for different services and upgrade repos endpoints:

Recommendation on Firewall Ports Config

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