NCC - why it is important to upgrade it

  • 3 December 2019
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@Mutahir has already shared some insights on NCC checks in Keeping the Lights Green - NCC - Hardware Checks. Today I would like to bring up two important aspects of the tool.


There may be a time where you receive an alert triggered by a regularly executed NCC check. Oftentimes the alert will have a reference to a KB article. You read the KB and it does not make any sense. Naturally, you raise a case with the Nutanix support team or commence the journey across vast space of the Internet in the search for an answer. The very first thing Nutanix support engineer will do is verify if the environment is running the latest version of NCC checks, and if it’s not, they will proceed with the NCC upgrade. More often then not, the alert will clear after the NCC upgrade.

Why is it so? NCC is a powerful tool that is developed and maintained by a team of professionals. With their help the tool evolves and grows, more checks are introduced, issues are resolved and algorithms are improved. Thus it is best to keep NCC up to date.


Save yourself a piece of mind – upgrade NCC in your environment today. Oh, and if you are  wondering how to adjust the NCC checks schedule there is something for you.


Useful links:

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