NCC series | Is mixing all-flash and hybrid nodes within the same cluster supported?

  • 6 March 2020
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First of all, let’s take a look at what all-flash and hybrid nodes mean.

All-flash:- Nodes containing only SSD drives

Hybrid nodes:- Nodes containing both HDD and SSD drives.


Is it possible to have both kinds of nodes within the same cluster? – Provided that the two conditions below are met, it is:

  1. The AOS version must be 5.1 or later.

  2. The minimum number of each node type (all-flash/hybrid) must be equal to the cluster redundancy factor. For example, clusters with a redundancy factor of 2 must have a minimum of 2 hybrid and 2 all-flash nodes.


To check for any issues with mixing these nodes, we have the NCC check, “all_flash_nodes_intermixed_check”.


This checks if there are any all-flash (only SSD drives) nodes in the same cluster that have hybrid (HDD and SSD drives) nodes. This check is scheduled to run every day, by default and will generate an alert after 1 failure.


To know more about the check and its behavior, take a look at


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