Is your VM booting from UEFI or Legacy BIOS mode?

  • 14 February 2020
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Ever thought a lot about advantages of UEFI over legacy BIOS? No? Who does that anyway?


To start with, UEFI firmware is a successor to legacy BIOS firmware that supports larger hard drives, faster boot time and provides more security features.

Creating and starting VMs with UEFI firmware provides the following advantages.

  1. Faster boot time

  2. Avoid legacy option ROM address constraints

  3. Include robust reliability and fault management

  4. Use UEFI drivers


AOS 5.11 onwards we have a functionality to see the Boot Configuration from Prism UI by following the steps below:-


  1. Navigate to the VM page -> select your VM.

  2. Click on Update.

  3. Under boot configuration, you can see if its Legacy BIOS or UEFI.


Want to know more about UEFI Support for VM in Nutanix, click here


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