Curator scans types and frequency or where is our free space?

  • 21 October 2019
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When expecting to witness changes in storage utilisation performance, increase in free space in particular, please be aware that the change may not take effect immediately.

There are two main types of Curator scans:

  1. Scheduled Scans
    • Curator Full Scan — in 6 hrs after the last Full Scan
    • Curator Partial Scan — in 1 hour after the last Partial Scan.
  2. Triggered Scans  — as a response to a situation in the cluster where Curator is urgently required.

For more information:

KB-2101, KB-2924.

Posts here in NEXT community curator task type list or a search.

Nutanix University video on Curator.

Nutanix Bible on monitoring Curator tasks Application Mobility Fabric (AMF)

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