Can AOS 5.10.5 coexisting with AOS 5.17.1 in the same cluster?

  • 8 November 2020
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We have plan is to add e.g 10 new HPE Proliant DX380 12LFF server with the latest AOS, eg 5.17.1 into the existing cluster. Then remove 10 existing nodes and reimage and add it back. 
Can 5.10.5 coexisting with 5.17.1 in the same cluster? Thanks

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3 replies

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Hi @Chong Cheng Chiang  It is not advisable to run some nodes with 5.10.5 and some with 5.17.1 in the same cluster

One of the  possible solution is to upgrade the existing cluster to 5.17.1 and then new nodes with 5.17.1 to the same cluster so that removal and addition of the existing node time are saved.

Hi, @Neel Kotak 

Thanks for the possible solution on upgrading existing cluster to 5.17.1 & add new nodes.

To reduce the complexity of upgrading the existing cluster, we are also looking into another alternative plan:

We are using Hypervisor ESXi 6.5 U2 and we have vCenter. 

If we setup 10 nodes with latest AOS and create a new cluster with these new 10 nodes.

Then migrate all existing VMs to this new cluster.

Re-image the old nodes with new AOS and add them into the cluster.

Will it work?

Does Nutanix impose any restriction on vSphere cluster?

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Hello @Chong Cheng Chiang  Yes, the solution that you have mentioned is also possible but it would be a long process to create the cluster and then migrate the VMs over there.