5 Reasons to Get NCA Certified

  • 14 April 2022
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5 Reasons to Get NCA Certified
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Check out the top 5 reasons to get NCA certified. 


The Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) is our foundational certification that helps you build a solid base for a rewarding career in hybrid multicloud technology and is perfect if you’re just getting started with Nutanix solutions. The NCA exam tests your skills and abilities in navigating a Nutanix AOS cluster as well as managing and operating Nutanix core offerings.


Here are the top 5 reasons to get your NCA certification: 


  1. Advancement Opportunities. Position yourself for advancement and expand your opportunities for new tasks or career paths with a verified Nutanix certification. While you may have all the skills that a certified IT professional may have, without the certification, you will have to prove on the job that you know what you’re doing.
  2. Stand Out in the Job Market. Companies around the globe are always looking for candidates with Nutanix experience, so having your NCA certification will help you stand out from your peers in the job market. Of course, experience is a key element, but in the hybrid multicloud world, having your skills validated through this certification will give you a competitive advantage. Once you have your NCA certification, you can add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile so your resume stands out against those without a certification. We even provide certification badges so you can easily share your achievement.
  3. Prove your skills. Having an NCA certification will validate your skills and prove you’re well-equipped to guide your organization along the next phase of their hybrid multicloud journey.
  4. Demonstrate your dedication. The IT industry is always evolving, so by pursuing continued learning, you’ll stay ahead of the curve and show your dedication to your career. You’ll prove to your employer that your skills are growing and you're ready for bigger challenges.
  5. Launch your career. The NCA certification is a great stepping stone to professional level certifications and shows commitment to your career path. As your career grows, you’ll want to pursue our more advanced certifications to continue your professional development.


Now that you’ve learned the top reasons to get NCA certified, you might be wondering: Is it the right certification for your career plan? What topics does it cover? How do you get ready for it? All these questions and more are answered in our Quick Start Handbook.


You can also check out our NCA introduction video to learn more about the certification from Jon Hall, Certification Director at Nutanix. 


This article was written by Karlie Beil, Customer Marketing Specialist. 


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7 replies


I got my nca years ago. great way to show a foundational knowledge of our infrastructure. 

Would help to build the foundational concepts of AOS and Nutanix whereabouts. 


Can anyone let me know how i can get the voucher and schedule the examination NCA, i can’t find it under my activities→ Additional Info tab.

It’s Time for Spring Training — Complete our NHCF Course & Get a Free NCA Exam!

When I try to schedule the examination, i was redirected to PSI website, i can see the following message. May someone teach me how i can schedule the examination.

You can schedule an exam if you have previously contacted a PSI Customer Support representative and paid for an examination, or you believe that your licensing or certification agency has provided PSI with eligibility information for you.

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@GaryL you can reach out to our support team at and they’ll be able to help! 

The NCA certification is a great stepping stone to professional level certifications