Sysprep customize with drive letter

  • 29 September 2023
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When we add sysprep for windows vm to booot and configure windows as defined in xml file.

how we can set to use only specific drive letter for sysprep cidata drive to execute and complete the sysprep script.

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4 replies

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Cant you use “%~dp0” ??? 


Some more information:

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in sysprep xml file how we can define ?


we use sysprep during vm build so it will pick D drive by default for sysprep cidata so i need to make changes

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Maybe I'm missing the exact issue here. 


You have a virtual machine with 2 disks???

And the second disk is added as the D: drive??

And you want that drive to have a different drive letter??

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You should be able to run custom scripts from the unattend file

If the drive isn’t a local disk you would need to mount/connect to where the scripts are somehow, unless I am also missing something from your question. 

Also I have not had to time mess around with this much but OSDCloud looks very interesting.