RF2 2 or 3 copies of data

  • 16 March 2017
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Need to know when we say RF2 how many copies of data A will be created? one copy i.e. one primary original data & secondary one. Or one primary orignal data & 2 secondary copies.

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RF 2 = 2 copies

RF 3 = 3 copies.

i.e: RF2 for random-file-name-here.exe, which is 10G would take up 20G of storage

RF3 for that same file would be 30G of storage

This assumes no data reduction, or use of erasure coding.

Erasure coding, Compression, Dedupe, and Zero suppression could make that 20G (or 30G) of storage much, much, much less
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mean to say for

RF2: orignal data instance + one copy of it
RF3: Orignal data instance + 2 copies of it

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Yes. And pieces of those copies are scattered throughout the cluster but never on the same node as the original.