Nutanix with Nexus Switch

  • 22 December 2016
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Dear Expert, My Nutanix environment as per below: 4block of Nutanix ( 8 Node ) connect to Nexus Access Switch with 10G SPF cable. Hypervisor: VMware 5.5 Issue: from vCenter we detect the host keep disconnected randomly. and vCenter become HANG Workaround: Ping continuously on Host. Result No packet drop can you please advise what need to do Regards, Hamballi

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5 replies

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Nutanix doesn't work well on FEX switches e.g. Nexus 2000 series. Another problem is whether your vSphere 5.5 is it updated to 5.5 Update 3b? I have this disconnection issue on some of my 5.5 hosts which are on Update 3a.
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Hamballi have you deployed multiple vlan on vCenter, ESXi host, UVM ?
please post your networking config on ESXi and Nexus
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Hamballi - Can you please open up a support ticket? Use for NX or SX series hardware, and the respective OEM support site for Dell XC or Lenovo HX.

That said, we do have a recommended switch configuration document for Nexus switches, posted here:

It sounds like there might be a mismatch between how the switch is configured, and how the vSwitches on the host are configured.

For example, if you've set up Cisco VPC on the switchports, but have not setup LACP or static etherchannel on the ESXi side, it will cause problems like you describe.
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Dear Jon,

Thanks for your advice, I will check with network guys regarding VPC & LACP
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Unfortunately I didn't test it out because of some internal issue. The recommendation to patch to 5.5 Update 3b came from VMware support.