Hyper-V 2016

  • 3 October 2016
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When will Hyper-V 2016 be compatible?

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Thats a good question rohanfargade. A lot of the time spent getting Hyper-V 2016 working was what I'd call "structural" work, as we had to both recode an extremely large portion of our Hyper-V support as well as extend the code to work in both directions (to support rolling upgrades and the sort). Quite a large task, and certainly larger than we thought it would be.

Now that the structural work is done, supporting those faster release candidates (knock on wood) should be a heck of a lot easier. Its all for the best though, especially with support for DDA, it greatly simplifies the way we do things, so the overall complexity under the hood has been reduced.

Anyhow, looking to the future, we're already looking at those incremental "fast train" releases. Working on the pre-release 1803 code right now
Hello Jon,

It took a year to release compatibility with Hyper-V 2016, how is Nutanix planning on keeping up with Microsoft's Faster Release Cadence for Windows Server & System Center as they will be releasing new version every six months now ?
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Hey folks,
Sorry for the extreme delay. I realize its borderline silly at this point, and on behalf of everyone in engineering (including myself), I appreciate your patience.

Here's the deal. 2016 changed quite a bit for us (which is a net-good thing), and that took us quite a while to adapt in a way that we could uplift our existing 2012 customers to 2016 in an easy manner, and provide a kick butt product for net-new hyper-v installs as well.

I won't rattle off each detail, for the sake of keeping this direct and to the point, but rather simply say we've worked through all of those challenges, and are projecting to launch 2016 support with AOS 5.5.

Given we're a public company, I can't put a forward-looking date on 5.5; however, I will say from the engineering perspective, we've got all hands on deck working on closing down this release, which means final QA and launch prep. We've already got alpha and beta customers on 2016 Hyper-V in the field right now, and have molded their feedback into the product.

In general, and this goes for the *ENTIRE* customer base, if you ever feel you're in the dark on something, please feel free to email me directly jon@nutanix.com from your business emails and I'm happy to chat in detail about what we're up to. For 2016 Hyper-V specific issues, I'm happy to loop in the PM for that feature as well, and we can discuss even more. We pride ourselves on being a pretty open book here at Nutanix, so my "digital door" is always open.

My apologies again that we didn't update this thread with our progress, but I'm hoping this will suffice for the last little bit of waiting we need to do (collectively) before 5.5 launches.
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Hey everyone. Support for Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V is coming with the 5.5 release which is due soon. We had some announcements in conjunction with Ignite a few weeks ago and you can find more details here: https://next.nutanix.com/t5/Nutanix-Connect-Blog/Nutanix-Set-to-Deliver-Support-for-Windows-Server-2016-Microsoft/ba-p/23662 Raymon
I agree that the complete silence from Nutanix is a bit ridiculous on this thread.
The most recent update I got on 5.5 was that it had been delayed. Initial release was supposed to be September, however it has been pushed back. It is "expected before end of the (calendar) year".
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Come on Nutanix, give us something at least? Do we need to start a new thread as for some reason you've marked this as Solved, it certainly is not.
5.5? Wow, I wouldn't expect to see that until another 3-6 months, guaging on how releases are going.
Hi Jon,

Any update on the support for Hyper-V 2016, it's close to a year since the release of Windows server 2016.

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AOS 5.5 is the one with 2016 support. It can't be far away now... Dell is already got tech preview documents on this:



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Looking at the release notes of AOS, I get the impression that Hyper-V 2016 is still not GA.

  • ENG-87078 SCVMM 2016 and Windows Server 2016 versions are not supported.
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I didnt attend either.. but I have heard/seen that 2016 is all go. GA Aug/Sep. This the session it was all announced:

NUTANIX ENTERPRISE CLOUD WITH HYPER-V AND WINDOWS SERVER 2016Nutanix takes pride in being hypervisor agnostic and continues that tradition with our Windows Server 2016 support for Hyper-V. Hyper-V with Windows Server 2016 has introduced a number of new key features including discrete device assignment, change block tracking and switch embedded teaming to name a few. This session will explore Hyper-V support with Nutanix including the technical details around our integration with Windows Server 2016 and its ecosystem of products. Learn the key differences between Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 on Nutanix. Obtain best practices and considerations when deploying a Windows Server 2016 based Hyper-V solution with Nutanix. Understand the integration points with the Hyper-V ecosystem of products including the System Center suite and Azure Pack.
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Any update on this would be greatly appreciated. I didn't attend .NEXT this year... was there any talk of Hyper-V and Windows 2016?

Regards, Wayne
+1. Q2 is pretty much over now, and no update here for nearly 5 months. What's the deal? I think we all understand that this is a significant upgrade from Microsoft, with lots of intracacies. But at the very least, some form of communication would be nice. I'm confident I'm not the only one with major infrastrucure projects on hold until 2016 is supported by Nutanix, so any form of realistic ETA would be appreciated.
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Us as well. Still waiting for some word on Hyperv 2016 support.
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Any updates?

Looks like MS are now saying Server Core is the best option for hosting Hyper-V. So I hope engineering time has not be wasted on trying to make Nano work...


  • From these changes, customers will now see the Nano Server images shrink in size by more than 50 percent, further decreasing startup times and improving container density. As part of this effort to focus on containers, we will be removing the functionality for infrastructure-related roles. Instead of using Nano Server for these scenarios, we recommend deploying the Server Core installation option, which includes all the roles and features you would need.
  • Moving forward, Server Core will be the recommended choice for hosting your virtual machines as well as your containers – which can be running a Nano Server container image, a Server Core container image, or even Linux container images.
  • Server Core is also our recommended option for infrastructure workloads. Many customers don’t realize that Server Core is the base image that runs Azure and Azure Stack.
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Same here. Totally disappointed on support.
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desmondgooi This is our current setup, 2012r2 hypervisors with '16 on everything apart from SCVMM that also requers 2012 to play nice with the Nutanix platform. Runs perfectly.

Very disapointed with the lack of updates regarding the 2016 Hypervisor support. We'd aimed to be up on 2016 from the get go as we foolishly belived the 90day statement when making the purchase.
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Any update for support Hyper-V 2016 & Windows Server 2016? If lets say hyper-v we still continue using 2012 version, can we put client as MS windows 2016?
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We're keen to see Hyper-V 2016 on the Nutanix platform aswell. Is this the best place be notified for updates / Tracking progress?
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any update on this thread in term of supportability?
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Mikasa - Thanks for reaching out, right you are.

This is still a work in progress. Microsoft's changed a TON that we need to deal with, so we're taking the time to do it right.

Work with your Nutanix account team to get the forward looking details on when we project this to land, but in this public forum I'll simply say, we're working on this, trying to get this off the ground, at least in tech preview at minimum, by end of calendar Q1 2017. All dates subject to change based on internal progress, but its looking that way.
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Any update on the progress of this? Little past the 90 day mark now.
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It is presented to the cluster as storage, but its SMB3 volume, not a block device that needs to be formatted.

As far as upgrades and such, thats not defined yet, we know we want to support rolling upgrades, but as I mentioned in a prior post, we haven't completed the work on 2016 yet, so we'll have more clarity as time goes on there.