EUC license for Citrix VDI cluster and VDA cluster

  • 26 April 2022
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There will be 2 Citrix Clusters , one for VDI and one for VDA (Virtual APPs), for 500 users.

How to license 1st Nutanix Cluster (VDI) with EUC license ,and 2nd Nutanix Cluster (VDA) with EUC? or we should use core NCI ?


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Hi Moustafa,

In general there is no difference if using VDI or Virtual-apps, you have to license the amount of users which are hosted from these clusters.

Example: 250users on VDI-Cluster + 250Users on virtual-apps-cluster = 500 users to license

When using Portfolio 2.0 licensing and going with VDI Pro license you will get 50GB/user Files on top, use it for user-profiles and app-containers, etc.

Advantage of VDI-licensing is the independance of the underlying hardware, you can have as much cores and flash as needed without any additional licensing costs. Also an DR-cluster doesn’t has to be licensed ontop because only the user has to be licensed one time :)

In case of high user count it can be cheaper to go with the standard core NCI + Files, check with your Nutanix sales rep for details ;)

Greetz Thomas