Performing Inventory and Upgrading Calm with Life Cycle Manager

  • 10 January 2022
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Use LCM to display the software and firmware versions of the entities in the cluster.


  1. In Prism Central, click the gearbox icon to open the Settings page and select Life Cycle Management in the sidebar. Prism Central opens the Life Cycle Manager page.

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  2. Click Options > Perform Inventory. If you do not have auto-update enabled, and a new version of the LCM framework is available, LCM shows a warning message:

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  3. Click OK.

    The LCM displays all discovered entities.

  4. To view the current Calm and Epsilon versions, click View All.

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    The entity shows the current version, as well as the date and time of the most recent update.

  5. Click All Updates to return to the Life Cycle Manager page.


Upgrading Calm with the Life Cycle Manager


Use LCM to upgrade Calm and Epsilon to the latest available versions. LCM allows you to upgrade Calm or Epsilon independently or simultaneously.


  • Configure rules in your external firewall to allow LCM updates. For more details, see the Firewall Requirements section in the Prism Web Console Guide.

  • Run a successful inventory operation before upgrading Calm or Epsilon.


  1. In Prism Central, click the gearbox icon to open the Settings page and select Life Cycle Management in the sidebar.
    The Life Cycle Manager page appears.

  2. Click Edit and select Nutanix Calm.
    By default, Epsilon is selected.

  3. Click Change.
    The Define Version window is displayed.

  4. Select the check-box next to the version that you want to upgrade.

  5. Click Save.

  6. You can also update the services from the Options list.

    • To perform all available updates, select Update All.

    • To perform only required updates, select Update Required.

    • To perform only updates you have selected, select Update Selected. (If you have not selected any updates, this has the same effect as Update All).


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