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  • 31 August 2016
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When I try to do a consistent snapshot I get this:

Warning : Vss snapshot failed for the VM(s) xxx, protected by xxx because Quiescing guest VM(s) failed or timed out.

Impact : Crash consistent snapshot is taken instead of application consistent snapshot.
Cause : Guest is not able to quiesce VM due to internal error.

The servers has the NGT installed, are alone in the consistency group. Before I open a case, I'd like to have your hindsight. Thanks.

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8 replies

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We would like to look into this in more detail.
Please let us know if you are able to share the logs or join on a webex.

Kilol Surjan
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Thank you for the quick response, I'll open case tomorrow.
Can you please share the solution found for the ones that look into this forum?

Marked as Solution without a solution is not a solution at all.

I have the same problem.
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Yes I have the same problem too. Works ok for a few days then it fails like this and then it starts working again. This has happened 4 times already. What is the solution to this.
I have 7 VM with Windows Server 2016 and the only one failing with the VSS Snapshot is the one with the NGT Tools installed. I don't know if there is a link.
Anyway, Nutanix technical support asked me te permanently remove Windows Defender, even if my other 6 VMS have the same configuration.
My next step is to remove the NGT and see what happens.
Hello, is there any response or resolution to this issue? I still have some Protection Domains that has the problem.
I just received a similar error that brought me here and to one other post, the VSS snapshot failed because the Quiescing VM failed or timed out. We have been experimenting with Application Consistent backups for a week working on a Hycu backup Proof of Concept and two days ago mounted, loaded and ran the NGT setup to fully install it under AOS This morning we upgraded AOS to 5.5.4 and successfully ran our first Hycu Application Consistent backup. Shortly after that, we received our first VM Quiescing error. Where can I determine which version of NGT we have for the current AOS version? If uncertain, will uninstalling then reinstalling NGT automatically provide the appropriate version for AOS 5.5.4? If not for NGT compatabiliy, what else might be causing this error? Thanks.
The same issue appeared after installing HYCU and disappeared after uninstalling this software …
Be careful if you uninstall NGT as it will remove the drivers that allow Windows to boot. In my case, I was using Windows Server 2016. What you can do is:
  • uninstall NGT
  • install the drivers
  • reboot
But, make sure you have a reliable backup.