Deploying VM using OVF template/OVA file in Nutanix

  • 2 August 2022
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I have a requirement to deploy configuration  server in Nutanix cloud for DR scenario, Azure provides OVF template to deploy this server. But as nutanix doesn’t support OVF format i have extracted OVA file to .vmdk files and created disks with it. Created a new VM and attached these disks to it. But facing VM Boot up issues. 

Any walkthrough for deploying VM using OVA/OVF files.


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You need to have the Virt IO drivers present in the vmdk. As described here: How to import an OVA image to AHV cluster

If that is not possible, you can try to create a new guest vm with disk type IDE or try to switch from UEFI to BIOS (no guarantee though). And if that work try to use that disk with SATA.

Hi Ravi,

i think that configuration server is based on windows server for that you need to have virtio installed  to boot. in order to bypass that you can deploy it on esxi then migrate it using move (move will automatically install required driver for you) or install virtio manually then migrate the vmdk manually also (in the case where you dont have local admin permission or some related issue).