NCP 5.15 Beta Exam Now Available

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Update: As of 4/20/2020 the beta exam is full and no longer accepting registrations

Be one of the first to experience the NCP v5.15 certification exam!

Nutanix University has been busy updating the Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) program to cover AOS 5.15 – and it’s now ready for beta testing at no charge to you!

But don’t delay – the beta exam is only open to the first 100 people to complete it before May 30th. After that, we’ll pull the results and begin working towards the live exam.

Beta testers are also a critical part of the exam development process, and Nutanix is one of the few companies to open this process to the public. We hope you’ll take part and support the program’s success!


Getting Started is as easy as 1-2-3


  1. Review the exam blueprint guide
  2. Register just like you would any other exam (Partners, please try this link if the other does not work for you)
  3. Enter discount code NCP515BETAFREE at checkout to remove the exam fee


Frequently asked questions


How do Beta Exams differ from Live Exams?

Beta exams are a little different from a fully live (or GA) exam, in a couple of ways.

First, they have more questions and you’ll have longer to complete it. This lets us see which questions perform well and can be used on the live exam and which should be removed.

Unlike a live exam, you won’t receive a score right away. That will come after we analyze the results, which means there is a short delay between when you complete the exam and when you receive your results (typically around 4 weeks). But you can rest assured, passing the beta version of an exam gives you the same certification as passing the live exam.

The final difference between a beta exam and the live is exam is the price – beta exams are completely free! That’s right, you could earn the latest version of the NCP before everyone else and pay nothing for it.

Why should I take this exam if I’m already an NCP 5?

Passing the v5.15 version of the exam is an excellent way to show your employers, customers, and colleagues that you are committed to staying current on Nutanix technology. It’s also a great way to support the Nutanix certification community.


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I don’t see it as an available exam under my account.

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Hi @Arvin_R  we will look into that for you.

I am trying to do this but it is not working for me either

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Hi @drdemonx we are working on the issue. It will be fixed shortly.

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Hi! If i currently holds NCAP-5, can i participate in this exam to help the community?

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Doesn’t work for me, university landing page only NCP5.10 vissible for me

Hi, exam is not available in the list, any prerequisite?



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I don’t see it as an available exam under my account.


Same for me, the landing page shows only NCP5.10.


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Scheduled on next wednsday :sweat_smile:

Wishing well

I cant able to register exam.kindly advice

@UPX kindly help me to register exam 

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@UPX kindly help me to register exam 


Hi Suresh, what is the problem you are facing?

@Sydney.araya do you have some solution ?


@UPX it asking request some gain access at athe same time it redirect to my nutanix. but i cant create account with gmail domain

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@UPX it asking request some gain access at athe same time it redirect to my nutanix. but i cant create account with gmail domain

Hi Suresh,

i guess that is the standard procedure.

To do the exam you should login with a registered valid account.

I suggest to open a request to and ask for alternatives.

Have a nice day  

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So if we pass this exam then no need to take the live exam?


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I see "Nutanix Certified Professional 5.15 Beta" on the exams page, but I click Take An Exam and the page does not load.
The new tab that it opens is trying to get to and gets the following error:

504 Gateway Time-out
The server didn't respond in time.

Registered for 5.10 and we cant take 5.15, then it is mandatory  for 5.10 as well?



Getting the same 504 error here as well.

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Hi everyone,

The certification team tells me that the errors should have been fixed over the weekend.

For partners, please try this URL: ​​​​​​​

Customers/End Users, please use the URL in the post above. ​​​​​​​

If you have any difficulties, please reach out to