Top 10 Nutanix Frame Demos of 2020

  • 3 April 2021
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Top 10 Nutanix Frame Demos of 2020
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The year of 2020 it was filled with unexpected surprises, but we won’t surprise you any further! Instead, we are here to share with you a How-To Guide of the Top 10 Nutanix Frame Demos of 2020. We’ve wrapped it all up for you in a video and down below, so check it out!


Look Back on the Top 10 Nutanix Frame Demos of 2020




  1. Set Up 8 Frame Accounts in 4-Minutes (01:08)

See multi-cloud deployment in action! Learn how fast and easy it is to deploy eight frame accounts in six different continents using Nutanix AHV, Azure, Amazon, and Google Infrastructure to support a global workforce. Leverage on-premise and public cloud resources for workload VM’s.


  1. Frame Guest Agent (FGA) Auto-Update (04:41)

This is a short, quick and easy demo to see the Frame Guest Agent auto-update update feature. 


  1. Learning About Frame Enterprise Profiles and Personal Disk (05:04)

Configuration is easy as flip to switch! Using profile disk technology, each user profile is stored in a profile disk. No file shares required, no configuration, just enable.


  1. Using Sandbox with Multiple Applications (05:55)

Learn how to use one master machine (sandbox) by hiding multiple applications for different user groups (ex. sales and designers). The demo will show only having access to its own applications, central image management, and single frame account with multiple instances that can all be done within the same account. 


  1. Creating Frame Powered Windows Applications Running as Progressive Web Applications (PWA) (06:09)

All done with a couple of clicks, you will learn how to create frame powered Windows applications running as progressive web applications. These progressive web applications will have the ability to dock directly in the Windows start menu and follow the user while roaming from device to device.


  1. Progressive Web Applications Running on Google Pixel Book (10:09)

This demo is all about progressive Web Applications Running on Google Pixel Book. In the Web Application, it is user driven but it can also be controlled by the IT department that leverages modern device management tools. With a few clicks, you can create launch links and use the URL’s with your own HTML5 interface.  


  1. Integrating Frame into Any Workspace (11:04)

Bring frame powered Windows applications to your own HTML5 interface, Office 365 application launcher, Citrix workspace, VMware Workspace One, Workspace 365, or any workspace aggregator.  


  1. Thinclients and Frame

It’s all about Thinclient and Frame! This demo will show you IGEL Edge OS with the Frame App for Linux, Windows, or Mac using a browser engine (Chromium) that is wrapped into the application.


  1. Run any Application in a Browser (14:36)

This one is a fun one! Run any application in the browser MSIX, Retro, and Remastered. The demo uses MSIX technology to deploy and access older applications delivered via the partner app, Cure. Go rediscover some of your favorite computer games from back in the day!


  1.  Use Special Peripherals Connected to the Frame App for Windows (16:51)

This demo is a combination of the Frame App for Windows and the special peripherals that are connected inside the frame session. You can see it in action as we show you with the 3D connection space mouse.

Those are the Top 10 Nutanix Frame Demos of 2020. Check out this demo video and let us know in the comments which is your favorite!


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